About the Site

This site is small collection of things I'd like to remember in life. Unlike a blog, it's not updated very frequently, but rather when I have momentous or just small but memorable occasions in life. Whether it's somewhere new I've traveled, a dance piece I choreographed, or an technically interesting project, I want to record it for posterity.

The travel logs are mainly a digital record for my keeping, but also if you or another friend is interested in going to a particular place, I can check my log and maybe recommend things to do or avoid. The rest of the site should speak for itself.

I'd like to give a shout out to a few of the tools that helped me build this site so quickly:

About Me

As you can tell from the sections of the site, I love to dance, to travel, and to play with technology. Through my work and play, I'd like to make other people feel a little more joyous. See what I'm up to in various spheres of life: