Day 1, Wednesday - Bangkok

Just arrived at our hotel around 8 am on Wednesday. Last leg of flight was long over 10 hours. Watched 3 1/2 moves. Step Up 2, Definately Maybe, 27 Dresses, plus part of Penelope. Didn't have any chicken left for meal, only fish which I don't eat, so eventually I traded with my mom her chicken for my fish. Anyways movies like Step Up 2 are inspiring, and make me want to dance.

Day 2, Thursday - Bangkok

Visited many temples. The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Aru, etc. Slush bubble tea, chicken on a stick 10 Baht. Cocktail hour, bay breeze does not equal Bailey's. Went swimming. Dinner at Bennihana's.

Day 3, Friday - To Phuket

Swimming in the morning. Flew to Phuket. Served fish sticks on the plane, bleh. Met up with Christine. Explored the pools and beach. Dinner at Thai restaurant.

Day 4, Saturday - Phuket

Went swimming. Elevensies. John Gray's Sea Canoe. Boat, noodle and spring rolls for lunch. Traveling in inflatable canoes we explored island caves and holes in the island. Holes in the island basically means go through cave to come out into pond like place, awesome (see pictures). Dinner on boat. Made crowns out of all natural materials, mainly flowers, fruit, and banana leaves. Added candles to them. When it was dark, we lit the candles, and sent them floating on the sea (we later retrieved them). Water was filled with bioluminescence. At night family had ice cream and shakes.

Day 5, Sunday - Phuket

South pool in morning. Poolside pizze walked home by beach. Dinner at Siam Deli, I had Phad Thai.

Day 6, Monday - Phuket

Lazy morning by the pools. I got to sit on a baby elephant, which by the way was super cute, and I want one (=P). Lunch at deli by pools. Batik sarong painting (see picture) 3 hours, didn't finish. Cocktail hour, owner's party. Green Wave drink, really sweet. Finished sarong painting after. Used cocktail hour as dinner, chicken satay especially good. Watched My Girl 2, and I do (but I don't).

Day 7, Tuesday - Phuket

Late morning pick-up for Adventure Park (island safari). Started out with "elephant trek" There and back path through their property. I bought whole basket of bananas for 50 Baht which resulted in us (Christine and I) getting assaulted (in a good? way) by trunks during the trek which was kinda fun. ATV sport vehicle, ox cart riding, elephant show (did handstands and gave massages). Buffet lunch, had rice, curry, etc. Afternoon white water rafting with crazy guide. Bumped into rocks on purpose went down rapids backwards. Dip in river and splashing all the time. (= cool guide, lots of fun). Then jungle hike to waterfall current strong (see pictures) hard to get into rocks under waterfall. Dinner back at hotel at Cafe. Chicken in yellow curry. Stayed up for 10 pm sale at bakery. Before we went and got bread. Bought cheese found out it was 465 Baht (~ $16 for a wheel of cheese approx. 3.5 inch in diameter). So the next morning we traded it in for two eggs benedict and got butter. Also at nightly bakery sales I got smoothies. (Yum!) Favorite was Golden Siam: bananas, mango, yogurt, honey and milk.

Day 8, Wednesday - Phuket

Morning by pool. Leftovers for lunch. Afternoon towel folding - elephant, dog/rabbit, swan, turtle, lotus flower, attempted bird. Jumped in south pool. 2 min later Christine comes and tells me she's doing trapeze. I run back to room, get clothes, and get lost going there. Anyways did knee hang, birdie, split. Caught Christine on knee hang. Dinner at Italian Cucina had filling lasagna. While at pool earlier met Aussies, which is why there was a big event going on at the hotel... for the top sales people at some tech company.

Day 9, Thursday - Phuket

Long trip to Khao Sok rainforest. Inflatable canoes through rainforest. Good guide for bus ride. On canoe saw many snakes black with yellow. Saw monkeys in distance, frogs, etc. Buffet lunch with tasty noodles besides rice and curry. Afternoon elephant trek through beautiful forests, much better than first one. Learned about Thai culture on bus, and rubber farming, fruits, etc. Good trip. Dinner at Siam Deli had Khao Phad (fried rice).

Day 10, Friday - To Bangkok

Pool in morning tried to get henna, had to leave for airport. Served fish, didn't eat. Shopping at Plaza across street. Bought chopsticks. Ordered custom dress in blue silk with dragon print. Bought light green scarf to go with it. Dinner at Thai restaurant in plaza. Had roast duck in red curry. Ordered mild, was still very spicy.

Day 11, Saturday - Bangkok

Early morning pick up for River Sun Cruise. Sun Palace and many temples in morning. Largest reclining Budha. Bought stuffed elephant, haggled from 350 -> 250. (my haggling skills will improve with time). Lunch buffet on boat with talkative guy belonging to Lion's Club Itl. Afternoon cruising on river. Did second fitting for dress. Dinner at Japanese restaurant, then picked up dress and bought matching tie.

Day 12, Sunday - Bangkok

Morning in hotel. Lunch at pizza place. Afternoon by pool. Lots of cards. Dinner at Sizzler's Night leave for airport.

Day 13, Monday - To New Jersey

First leg, over 10 hours. Didn't eat much of dinner, slept, breakfast, eh. Icky transfer. Pizza?

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